Current projects

Lia & Liam

Lia & Liam is a project I started with my better half (who is incidentally called Lia) in the autumn of 2016. We had been playing with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time; we just needed to find something that would play to our strengths. Me being an avid amateur photographer and her being an avid cook, baker and writer led to the creation of our blog. I started exploring the world of food photography and bought the necessary equipment to get the show on the road. I currently shoot all the food in our living room with the help of a flash, umbrella and reflector. I call my current setup the “ghetto setup” as it’s still far from perfect and nowhere near professional but I’m really pleased with the results so far. I’ve also posted a few of my best shots on my portfolio. As with my own website, I’ve created Lia & Liam using Squarespace. Despite being mainly drag and drop I still had to make some minor adjustments to the code and luckily Squarespace allowed me to get everything looking perfect. Our focus is currently set on four areas:

Lia & Liam currently is only available in German – but we are exploring the idea of translating the website in not too distant future.

Previous projects

Galaxus advert

I’m actually quite proud of this one and not just because I was financially rewarded. Digitec Galaxus must have what is one of the best marketing strategies: They let customers make the ads for them. What a brilliant idea! I had seen their call for videos and photos and decided to have a go at one. And would you believe it, my video was accepted and has been broadcast on national television!

Kaufmann video for wemakeit

I shot and edited a video for my friends’ crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. Watch the video here and listen to their music here.