LIGHTROOM CLASSIC gUIDES – Improving your workflow

Lightroom Classic helps amateur and professional photographers manage large (or small) collections of digital photos. That might sound like it is just a fancy file explorer but it is so much more. In Lightroom Classic you can quickly rate photos, attach keywords, catalogue them, add them to collections and so on.

However, Lightroom Classic isn’t just an organisation tool. Using Lightroom Classics’s Develop Module you can non-destructively manipulate images without ever having to leave the application. This includes basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast, saturation and also more advanced options such as tone curves and split toning.

As you might be able to tell from those two short paragraphs, Lightroom Classic is quite a complex application. Using my Lightroom Classic guides you might be able to understand the application just that bit better and improve your workflow while you’re at it.