This week in review - Space!

This weeks best photography articles

This is What Happens If You Don’t Hire a Wedding Photographer by Eirik Halvorsen on PetaPixel. Maybe not all photographers are doomed. Judging by the photos in this article it doesn’t look like that profession will be replaced by amateurs anytime soon.

These New NASA Satellite Shots Show Earth’s Cities Glowing at Night by Michael Zhang on PetaPixel. Space! I love me some space (I might have said that before). Whenever NASA releases something I’m on it. Look at it and love it!

Phantom 4 Advanced by DJI. DJI has announced the successor to the very popular Phantom 4. Or is it another successor? I’m sure were the Phantom 4 Pro fits in. The Phantom 4 Advanced will cost $1,349 at launch which is quite a bit lower than the $1,499. What’s the hook? They’ve removed a handful of sensor but kept the same camera (that’s a very good thing).

Sony is now #2 in the US full-frame interchangeable lens camera market by Brittany Hillen on DPReview. The Sony steamroller is going on. They’re now the second biggest full-frame interchangeable lens camera producer in the US, with Nikon falling behind.

This weeks best photography videos

Drones vs Lightning ⚡ by Tom Scott. I’ve been following Tom Scott for so long and finally he’s made a video relevant to my website!

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