Moderately priced gift ideas (for photographers)

Moderately priced gift ideas (for photographers)

Continuing on from the cheap gifts it's obvious that I also need a list of moderately priced gear. I'm not including any "proper" (i.e. DSLRs or mirrorless) cameras in here yet because those will still be out of the price-range.

Yi Action Camera or Yi 4K Action Camera (also known as the Yi Action Camera 2)

I own both of these and they're a great piece of kit. I take them on bikes and hikes and love using them for timelapses. There's often a situation where it's just not possible to have a big camera handheld and that's where these beauties shine. The 4K version will obviously give you a better image but the first version is really cheap for what you get.


I've got a Manfrotto Befree and have never regretted the purchase. A good tripod can go a long way and with this kind of gear you really get what you pay for. A better tripod will also last longer so there's that to consider. You'll find a wide selection of tripods and below are three that I'd recommend.


I've recently been getting into flash photography with the help of my Yongnuo YN560-III Speedlite. Yongnuo are known for good quality products at an affordable price-point and that has been exactly my experience with mine so far. A speedlight would be something you could also combine with a reflector, something I recommend in my cheap gifts list.

Instant camera and film

A more casual gift but not something that should be ignored. An instant camera can be loads of fun. You can make collages and hang them up or make instant shots of your friends and family. Or picture this scenario: You're travelling in a foreign country and you take a photo of a person on the street. Now the only way to give that person your photograph would be by sending it to them but that would be a hassle. So just take another shot with your instant camera and give it to them there and then.

SD cards

You can never really have enough SD cards. It's not the most original of gifts but I've found that my photography has profited from a fast and big SD card.

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