Early review of PhotoScan by Google Photos

The team at Google Photos have just realeased a new app on Google Play called PhotoScan by Google Photos. Google Photos is one of my favourite apps from Google so obviously I had to test this new app. As luck would have it, I've got some photos that I printed on to special photo-paper laying around.

I'm a cat person

So of course the first photo I found was of my parents' really photogenic cat called Max. Just remember, this was printed at home so the quality wasn't very good in the first place. Another word of warning: The lighting in my room is very bad (for photography). But enough of that, let us have a look at the results!


The first image I took with the camera app on my Galaxy Note 4. As you can see, there is a lot of glare. About half the cats face isn't visible (and that's what makes him so cute!). So nope, I would never take a picture of a printed photograph.

Photo taken with the camera app

Photo taken with the camera app

PhotoScan by Google Photos

A lot of detail seems to have been lost in this image. The real thing doesn't look good but also not as bad as this. You can clearly see that the glare has gone. And if you just look at the photo on your phone? It's fine for that. I don't think this will replace a scanner just yet - but it's easy, fast and the results are usable.

Photo taken with PhotoScan

Photo taken with PhotoScan

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