The best cheap gift ideas (for photographers) - Part 2

The best cheap gift ideas (for photographers) - Part 2

As with the last list: The links I'm posting are affiliate links from Amazon UK. If you buy anything by clicking on the link, I'll receive a small comission. I am not payed in any other way. This is the second part of my collection. For the first five categories, follow this link.

Small tripod

I recently bought myself a Manfrotto Pixi because it was heavily reduced. It fits in every bag and can even be used as a very short selfie stick. Along with my GorillaPod it usually sits in my everyday rucksack.

Timelapse panning head

Something that has been on my shopping list for a while. A panning head will allow you to take amazing timelapses. Make those timelapse videos more interesting by adding a panning head to your tripod!


One of my first purchases after I got my NX1. It produces better pictures than using your inbuilt flash and can be used with any camera. Make those portraits more interesting by adding a reflector to your collection. My advice is to get a 3 in 1 pack, it's almost the same size and gives you more to play with.

Dust removal tool

Editing out dust in Lightroom is a very, very dull activity. The easiest way to solve that problem? Make sure there's no dust on your sensor in the first place. Want to give someone with a DSLR or mirrorless camera a gift he absolutely needs? Get them a dust removal tool!

Camera strap

I payed good money for the strap I've got (considering what it actually is). The reason being that a big camera is heavy. Having all that weight on your neck can be (pardon the pun) a real pain in the neck. That is why there's a huge collection of straps to choose from.

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