The best cheap gift ideas (for photographers) - Part 1

The best cheap gift ideas (for photographers) - Part 1

With Christmas coming there are many friends and relatives of photographers still wondering what they could buy to help facilitate that hobby. I say hobby, because most pros will most likely not be needing any of the gear in this post (because he or she has already got it). I've been doing this for quite some time, so I think I'm in a good position to give advice on some useful gifts for photographers. I'll divide these posts up into multiple parts, starting with cheap gifts. I've posted affiliate links from Amazon along with the products I'm listing, buying through one of those will really help this website out.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Something everyone should have in their camera case, even it's just for a point-and-shoot. The microfiber cloth is essential. There's nothing worse than dust or humidity making photos less sharp or appear blurry. A quick wipe with one of these will get rid of that in an instant.


There's almost always a small GorillaPod in my bag. This funny-looking tripod is (literally) so flexible so that it can be used in almost any situation.

Lens cleaning pen

Another cheap and essential item: The lens cleaning pen. Similar to the cleaning cloths, this item will allow you to easily clean your lens on the go. I've got one of these in my pockets and it's come in handy countless times.

Waterproof pouches

Shooting landscapes can be hard, hard on the photographer and hard on the gear. Rain and snow can damage your batteries and in the worst case even brake the camera. What to do about that? Get yourself some waterproof pouches and pack everything up before your next trip!

iPhone or Android lenses

The best camera is the camera you've got on you. It's been said enough and still holds true. But what if you want to get a bit closer in but you can't actually walk any closer? Or what if you want to take a fisheye video of someone skateboarding or mountain biking. That's where these lenses come in: Small enough to fit in a pocket and giving you more possibilities to be creative!

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