How to use Instagram (according to me)

Today I wanted to have a look at how you can increase your presence on Instagram. I’ve not got a huge following myself, but I believe the ideas I’ll be presenting here are universal.

Likers gonna like

Find hashtags that match your images and browse through the photos you find tagged with that hashtag. Don’t expect to get many followers or likes without actually doing anything yourself. For me some of the hashtags I keep an eye out are #landscapephotography, #landscape_captures and #naturelovers.

Join communities

Look for photography communities online and take part in the discussion. Despite being quite sour at times I enjoy the community on /r/photography. They have a “follow me” thread each month. Obviously following people yourself will increase the number that will follow you back.

Use the correct hashtags

There’s an endless discussion to be had concerning hashtags. Creating endless lists is too complicated for me, so I just use focalmark for hashtags.

Use photographs from your main camera

Obviously your photos from your DSLR or mirrorless camera are going to be better than the ones shot on your mobile phone. I’ve previously created a short guide on uploading photos from Lightroom and I still use the same method. If you've got a Windows 10 notebook with a touchscreen you can also use the Universal App to upload images directly from your computer.

Windows 10 Instagram app

Windows 10 Instagram app

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