Using Local Guides to improve your photography

I've been a Local Guide on Google Maps for quite some time. Initially I started contributing because of the perks you get, recently though my perspective has been shifting. I'm not saying, that I'm not glad I did what I did for the terabyte of Google Drive, but now that I've reached the highest level, I still find myself going on. The thing I find myself getting most pleasure out of is adding photos. This can be done with the app or online. The great thing here is that Google Maps on Android ties in with Google Photos (which I use and love), so you'll get automatic suggestions to add photos to specific places.

I've uploaded 330 photos and have received over 150k views.

I've uploaded 330 photos and have received over 150k views.

So how does this help me take better photographs? Obviously you won't be taking better photographs, just because you add them to Google Maps. But one thing you certainly do do is take more photos. And by taking more photos I've become way more experienced.

I've recently also been getting into 360° photography and have actually just uploaded over 50 photos and I am now a Trusted Contributor. But that's a story for another day. If you're interested my public profile can be viewed by anyone.

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