Why I'll miss Samsung NX cameras

Why I'll miss Samsung NX cameras

The writing's on the wall. Samsung is pulling it's photography business out of more and more countries and it seems inevitable that they will all together quite in not the not distant future. Samsung cameras have often been mocked, when browsing forums you'll see a lot of fanboy-ism - but I will miss them. My first serious camera was a Samsung NX300 and I loved the device. Sure I could have gone for the Sony Alpha a5000 at the time, but I got a good deal for the NX300 so I decided to take a chance. I loved it's size and the amazing screen on the back. The image quality convinced me to stick with Samsung when it was time to upgrade, so I decided to opt for the NX1. I love my NX1 and will do so until it decides to stop working. I don't really have any experience with other camera makers so this post shouldn't be looked at as a comparison - it's just a list of things I love about my NX1 and why I don't want Samsung to leave.

Image Quality

The sensor in this device is amazing. I can see a definite improvement compared to my older NX300 (which still isn't bad). The 28.2MP allow me to crop in post without loosing much detail. It's great in low-light and at capturing fast moving objects. Honestly I still think that the camera is still held back by my skill-level and not the other way round.

User Interface

Samsung shouldn't be good at interfaces. Touchwiz on Samsung Android phones is awful and slow. However they somehow managed to make the interface on this camera perfect. It's smooth and everything is where you expect it to be. I hear so many bad things about Sony menus and I'm glad I don't have to deal with a complicated interface. I wish other cameras would work in a similar way.

Firmware Updates

This again was a surprise for me. Samsung is known in the Android world for being slow with updates. Go to any Android forum and you'll find a post about how bad Samsung is at updates. Not with cameras though. This camera has received four major updates (going from 1.0 to 1.4) and every single one has introduced major new features.

WiFi and Bluetooth

No remote shutter available? No problem, use your phone. Annoyed that this camera hasn't got a flippable screen for selfies? Again no problem, use your phone. The apps Samsung has made for this camera are great and easy to use.


There's been a lot said about this camera not having an external charger. I don't mind for one reason: Micro-USB. This camera is one of the only ones that I know of to have a micro-USB port. I can charge it with the same cable I use for my phone and if I feel like the battery's not going to survive I just hook it up to my external battery. Problem solved. Every camera (even if it comes with an external charger) should use micro-USB (or USB-C in the future).


Did I mention that this camera is brilliant at video? Well now I did.

Final Thoughts

I could go on listing the things I love about my camera. There are many compelling reasons for photographers to want Samsung to stick around. Let's not forget that competition always is a good thing. Even if you don't use a Samsung - the features they include could push your camera maker to make better devices. With that said: Samsung, please don't leave us. I love your cameras and want to keep using them.

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