Week in reviewLiam

This week in review - It’s all about Sony

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review - It’s all about Sony

Sony is looking to take another big chunk out of the professional DSLR market by announcing the Sony a9. The camera sure looks promising for sports photographers.

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Sony Unveils Blazing Fast a9: A 24MP Sports Camera that Shoots 20fps by DL Cade on PetaPixel. Big news first. Sony has unveiled their next camera, the Sony a9. They’re obviously looking to take on a market that has traditionally been dominated by DSLRs: Photojournalism and sports photography. The silent shutter sounds amazing and there’s one other big advantage that the mirrorless technology brings with it: No blackouts. Will this camera be able to take the throne from Canon and Nikon? Time will tell. But it sure will give them a good kick up the arse.

Sony’s new FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens looks perfectly suited to the a9 by John Aldred on DIYPhotography. Sony also announced some new glass to go with their nice new camera.

GoPro to release prosumer spherical camera in fall 2017 by Matt Burns on TechCrunch. GoPro isn’t dead yet! They’ve announced a new spherical camera coming later this year. The problem with spherical cameras at the moment isn’t the actual gear - there are plenty of 4K capable spherical cameras - but the way we consume it. VR headsets haven’t had a very broad adoption yet, so many don’t even have the possibility to properly watch spherical videos.

Ricoh to show-off 4K-capable Theta 360-degree camera at NAB by Jeff Keller on DPreview. Speaking of 4K capable spherical cameras: Ricoh is also looking to release an updated Theta S with 4K recording. I can’t wait!

Introducing New Ways to Organize Your Saved Posts on the Instagram Blog. It looks like Facebook is getting bored of copying Snapchat and is instead starting to go after Pinterest users. It’s obvious what inspired this new feature.

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