Week in reviewLiam

This week in review - Portraits and gear

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review - Portraits and gear

An awful portrait and new gear have been in the news this week. I’m looking forward to seeing cheaper SSDs on the shelves thanks to Western Digital finally entering the market and giving Samsung some desperately needed competition!

Personal news

One of my plans for this year was to release more guides and in the last week I finally managed to publish my Squarespace workflow. I’m already in the process of writing more guides and not just on Squarespace. I’ve once again been busy on my YouTube channel and have recently been uploading a video a week!

This weeks best photography articles

Sony plans to release a 150MP medium format sensor in 2018 by DL Cade on PetaPixel. It seems the megapixel race isn’t over yet. Here we are with our 20MP cameras and Sony is already planning 150MP cameras. Will it deliver? We shall see. The a7R II received positive reviews with many praising the 42MP full-frame sensor. It will be interesting to see if Sony manages to break into the medium format market. Competition is always a good thing, the more the merrier!

Western Digital just unveiled its first portable SSD by Michael Zhang on PetaPixel. I’m a big fan of portable SSDs and work with a Samsung T3 myself. Because I work on a laptop, I’m reliant on external storage. My 1TB drive was a pricey, but worthwhile, investment. Up until this point Samsung has been more or less the only player in this market and I’m hoping with WD joining the party that prices will come down.

Samsung ditches digital camera business by Jung Young-il on The Investor. It seems we can finally put an end to the story of Samsung's camera business. It’s been confirmed that they won’t be producing any more cameras, despite their last model, the NX1, receiving lots of praise. My NX1 is still holding up and I love the camera, but it appears it will be my last camera from Samsung.

First Lady Melania Trump gets her first official portrait by Tamara Keith on NPR. This week’s controversy. Well then, make of this portrait what you want.

This weeks best photography videos

SOUTH AFRICA - A Mavic Tale by Rind-Raja Picture Company. Videos like this one are proof that I still have much to learn.

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