Week in reviewLiam

This week in review: Drones and space (unconnected)

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review: Drones and space (unconnected)

Space and drones that is the theme of this week's news. Sadly, with every positive bit of drone related news, there’s an equally negative one.

Personal news

I managed to release my earnings from microstock photography just before the end of March. Yes, I’m late again, but things are moving along towards a more efficient workflow, so expect March’s numbers at an earlier date! I’ve got a bid workflow related article coming up in the next, so stay tuned!

I’m still busy on my YouTube channel and have also just released a new video, check it out below:

This weeks best photography articles

Swiss hospitals will start using drones to exchange lab samples by James Vincent on The Verge. A drone story from good old Switzerland. How could I not include this one. The title says it all and I’m all for it. I’m guessing that will mean upcoming no-fly zones around hospitals (which should be a given anyway).

UK reports 70 drone near-misses at Heathrow in 2016 by Mariella Moon on Engadget. And with every positive drone story comes a negative one. 70 near-misses in one year might not sound like a lot but considering how big the drone market is becoming, I’d expect that number to grow by a multitude in the coming years.

NASA probe Juno captures Jupiter's poles in glorious detail by Tom Regan on Engadget. I love space, so I had to include this story. And for all the lazy people: You just have to look at the pictures, they’re fascinating!

Samsung's new Gear 360 camera shoots in 4K and works with iPhones by Lauren Goode on The Verge. Samsung didn’t just announce a new phone this week. Although the S8 might have grabbed most of the headlines, the new Gear 360 camera certainly caught my eye. I’ve been waiting for a decent 360 camera that can capture in full 4K and the new Gear 360 seems to check a lot of boxes. Real world samples aren’t out out, but I’ll be awaiting them eagerly!

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