February 2017 microstock earnings - Up, but not much

February 2017 microstock earnings - Up, but not much

This earning report comes in very late again. But it’s here! The last couple of months have seen no activity on the agencies from my end. I’ve been far too busy getting to know my Phantom 4 Pro and working on other projects. I’ve started a few new things and they’re slowly being integrated into my workflow, so I’m hoping to have more free time to get back into microstock in the coming month.

Microstock earnings

123RF Adobe Stock Alamy Bigstock Can Stock Photo Depositphotos Dreamstine Shutterstock iStock Total
January $0.22 $0.00 $0.00 $3.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $2.75 $0.00 $5.97
February $0.42 $0.99 $0.00 $0.50 $0.00 $0.60 $0.00 $7.17 $0.00 $9.68
March $0.00
April $0.00
May $0.00
June $0.00
July $0.00
August $0.00
September $0.00
October $0.00
November $0.00
December $0.00
Total $0.64 $0.99 $0.00 $3.50 $0.00 $0.60 $0.00 $9.92 $0.00 $15.65

As you can see from the matrix, the total earnings have gone up. This is mainly due to a bump in sales from Shutterstock. Adobe Stock has been profitable this month, but Bigstock has gone down.


The earning report speaks for itself: You won’t get rich, or even be able to support yourself selling microstock. For that to be possible it would have to be a full-time thing. Even then I can’t imagine it being easy. I’ve set my goal at earning $50 by the end of the year. That would be enough to cover for some smaller costs like this website and my domain.

How to find me

My microstock is distributed across a number of agencies. I can be found on 123RF, Alamy, Adobe Stock, Bigstock, Dreamstime, Shutterstock and iStock.