Week in reviewLiam

This week in review: Sony controversy

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review: Sony controversy

Controversy! There was a big story about how Sony keeps the best sensor for their own cameras doing the rounds. Who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong? You make your own mind up because I can’t tell you.

Personal news

More drone videos! I’m currently editing anything I shoot immediately, so my videos still are a bit boring. I’m having fun doing it do and I’m getting better with each flight!

This weeks best photography articles

Google Unveils a 3-Decade Time-Lapse of the Earth by Jeffrey Krudger on Time. Amazing and frightening at the same time. This timelapse, created by Google, shows the affects us humans have on our planet. The technical aspects of this creation are amazing. What it says about us and how we’re treating the planet… not so amazing.

You Can Browse 437 Complete Issues of ‘Soviet Photo’ Magazine Online by DL Cade on PetaPixel. A win for everyone who doesn’t like having stuff laying around everywhere (such as me). Soviet Photo has been released for free on the web and can be looked at by anyone!

Sony Keeps Its Best Sensors for Its Own Cameras by Michael Zhang on PetaPixel. The controversy of the week. Apparently Sony is keeping the best sensors they produce for their own cameras and flogging off the rest to the likes of Nikon. Lots has been made of this story and many a discussion has been held concerning the morality and legality of what Sony is doing.

This weeks best photography videos

Complete Video Light Kit for $150 and How to Use It by DSLR Video Shooter. I’ve been wanting to get into video over the last months and discovered this video that shows you how to build a light kit on a budget.

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