Week in reviewLiam

This week in review: DJI Mavic Pro and Yi mirrorless camera reviews and more love for Kai

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review: DJI Mavic Pro and Yi mirrorless camera reviews and more love for Kai

And another week has passed so time for another roundup of this week’s headlines. Currently I’m running on a very tight schedule, so my articles might appear a bit slim. But as I get a great deal of enjoyment out of doing this I don’t want to quit just yet.

I’ve spent some time uploading fresh photos to various microstock agencies. So for anyone interested in buying some stock-photos: Here are the links to my photos on each individual microstock agency. I’ve also been working on the _about m_e_]1_page and have added so additional info.

This weeks best photography articles

DJI Mavic Pro In-Depth Review by DC Rainmaker. I’d love to own a DJI Mavic Pro. But sadly I don’t. What’s the worst thing I could be doing in this situation? Obviously reading loads of articles about it. Do I follow my own advice? Of course I don’t. I’ve been a big fan of DC Rainmaker for some time and his reviews are always of high quality. But I didn’t expect him to also be an excellent drone reviewer. Well I was wrong. His review of DJI Mavic Pro is a great read with a great amount of detail.

Lighting 103 Starts in January by David Hobby on Strobist. I don’t think my first steps into flash-photography would have been as easy without the help of the strobist, David Hobby. His _Lighting 101_guide is essential reading for anyone wanting to get started in that area and the Lighting 102 guide was a great sequel. The strobist is well known for having the best guides on flash-photography, so obviously this announcement was greeted with great applause.

DIYP REVIEWS THE YI M1 MIRRORLESS MICRO FOUR THIRDS CAMERA by John Aldred on DIYPhotography. I own both generations of the Yi Action Cameras and I love them, they’re a really good and cheap alternative to GoPro cameras. I was quite surprised to read that they were developing a mirrorless camera and even more surprised when it was released so quickly. DIYPhotography have managed to get their hands on one and it looks like the little beauty will be a valid option for first-time buyers. I can’t see myself ever purchasing one though, but only because I’m satisfied with my NX1.

Keeping Instagram Safe: More Tools and Control by Kevin Systrom on theInstagram Blog. Instagram having been making some really interesting developments recently and this was an announcement that many were waiting for. The internet can be an awful place and the anonymity that Instagram gives you can make some people act like idiots. I’m happy Instagram have made this feature available and I hope this can be a positive message to other apps too.

This weeks best photography videos

I’m sure some of you think I’m in love with Kaiman Wong by now; but then again, who doesn’t love the man? He’s released another great video worth your time!

Kai’s old sidekick, Lok, has also released a new video (or wideo) on Youtube. I get the impression he’s a bit more lost and doesn’t really know what to do right now and I really hope he’ll manage to get a new gig soon.

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