Week in reviewLiam

This week in review: A photographers perspective

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review: A photographers perspective

Another week has passed so obviously that means it’s time for my week in review again. Sadly I’ve not managed to shoot my cat sitting in front of a window yet, but I’ll update you once it happens! There's been quite a bit happening these last couple of weeks with lots of new cameras and drones being released. The photography business is becoming such a massive thing and for that reason I’ll try and concentrate on stories you might have missed. Most of the articles and videos will also be posted as they brake on Twitter, so make sure to follow me there!

This weeks biggest news obviously is that I’m on facebook now! I’d be happy for you to give me a like so head on over there and show me your support. Now that that is out of the way, let’s have a look at the news!

This weeks best photography articles

Our most detailed view of Earth across space and time by Chris Herwig on the Google Blog. I love Google Maps and Earth. It such a great tool and I regularly use it for my photography. I’m also an avid contributor to Google Maps myself. I don’t think that team at Google has ever done anything wrong and this is another great demonstration of what they can do.

Introducing the new Alamy Image Manager on the Alamy Blog. Oh Alamy, I want to like you. My biggest problem with Alamy so far is that their tools are just antiquated and a pain in the neck to use. I was really happy to read that they are going to update the interface and backend.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro review: A phone-like object wrapped around Project Tango by Ryan Whitwam on Android Police. Yes, I’m a nerd. More or less any new technology can interest me. And one thing that gets me really excited is VR. I’ve been following Project Tango for quite some time and I’m happy to see it come out of development and into a product.

CNN to start a new media brand with YouTube star Casey Neistat by Natt Garun on The Verge. Neistat is a great filmmaker. Even if you don’t like his vlogs you have to admire his work. Making a 10 minute long video every day must be taxing. He’s basically turned into Mr Youtube over the last year and so him quitting obviously makes some headlines.

Beautiful photos for your computer and phone by Neil Inala on the Google Blog. I’ve been using this app for some time now and I love it. I’m really excited to see it on more platforms too. Sadly it’s only on Macs as of now but I’m hoping to see it on my aging and slow Dell soon too!

This weeks best photography videos

DigitalRev is in turmoil! First Kai left and now Lok. I’m really hoping they start working together again. How about The Grand Bokeh? This video is a bit more depressing than Kai’s and he obviously has no idea where to go from here. Give him some love in the form of a subscription and like.

The next video is a comparison of the RX100, an iPhone and a GoPro with some interesting results.

The last video I want you to watch is by The Art of Photography. I mentioned that Ted Forbes’ videos can be hit or miss sometimes and this one is a hit for sure.

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