Week in reviewLiam

This week in review: A photographer's perspective

Week in reviewLiam
This week in review: A photographer's perspective

This week in review is a roundup of the week's most interesting photography news (according to me). I’ll be aiming to give you a short post rounding up all the events from the past week every Saturday or Sunday. Additionaly I’ll be presenting you with my favourite videos that I watched during the same period. Some of them will be old, but I’ll to keep it fresh. Most of the articles and videos will also be posted as they brake on Twitter, so make sure to follow me there!

This weeks best photography articles

I Photograph My Cats In Front of the Window Whenever It Rains by Felicity Berkleef on PetaPixel. I picked this as my first story, because cats. I love cats. Even if my little tiger enjoys bringing me dead animals I couldn’t live without one. It also gave me a great idea for the type of photo I could be taking to please my mother this christmas.

New Ways to Share in the Moment on the Instagram blog. Instagram appears to be introducing features that appear very similar to those of another, very popular app. I’ve recently started using the stories since they integrated Bumerang and I’m really enjoying it. It’s where my phone photography goes and a nice way to keep your followers amused.

Digital cameras can basically see in the dark now by Tom Regan on Engadget. The rapid development photography is currently going through is really interesting. This article takes a look at the low-light capabilities of the Sony A99 II.

Trump Wants Photo Editors to Drop the Unflattering Double Chin Pics by Michael Zhang on PetaPixel. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be well aware what my opinion of Trump is. I’ll keep my political views out of this blog but it’s interesting to see, how people in power will try to manipulate the media.

Review: The Everyday Backpack (20L) by Peak Design by elundqvist.photo. A review of the highly anticipated Everday Backback. I’ve always liked Peak Design products but I think I’ll be skipping this one. I’d definitely do a review myself but I’m not going to buy one just for that.

This weeks best photography videos

Someone put a GoPro on his toddler while playing hide and seek. The resulting video is a masterpiece and very fun to watch.

A flash on a drone. Need I say more?

Kaiman Wong is leaving DigitalRev TV and starting his own photography Youtube channel. For me that spells the end of DigitalRev TV. I can see them sing subscribers in the near future. He’s always very amusing so I’m excited to see what he’s going to do. My hopes are set high. I’d like to ask everyone who reads this to head over to Youtube, watch his video and subscribe to his chanel. You won’t regret it and it’s the only way we can keep him going at the moment.


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