My photography sets on Shutterstock

My photography sets on Shutterstock

This is a bit of a self-promotion post, so for anyone looking for my usual kind of post: Please don't be disappointed.

Shutterstock allows you to create sets; a feature I really like. I hope this feature will help me and I'm pretty sure it's also good for the buyer. Let me explain: I've already had to buy microstock for the company I work at and finding similar photos can sometimes be a real hassle. So by grouping similar photographs in to sets it's (hopefully) more likely that a buyer will find what she or he is looking for and my sales will increase. It's also easier to post these sets to potential costumers, as each set has got a link. So here are some of mine:

Best of Switzerland

I love the Swiss mountains and landscapes. In this set I've collected what are, in my opinion, my best shots of Switzerland. I've tried to capture what I like most about this country: The mountains.

Here's the link to the Best of Switzerland set

Mother and baby elephant

Baby elephants have to be one of the cutest animals around. That is why I took the chance to go and shoot some shots of this one.

Here's the link to the Mother and baby elephant set


An other thing Switzerland is famous for is snowy winters. Snow can transform a landscape and give it a completely new look - a look I very much like. And as the mountains are already covered, I'm sure I'll be able to expand this set even more in due time.

Here's the link to the Winter set


I usually take my camera with me when I'm walking around or on my bike. So it's obvious that I'm going to have a lot of photographs with roads in them. I like using roads as leading lines, drawing the eye on to the mountains or forests in the distance. Here's the link to the Roads set


It's no secret that I love animals. I like having them around and I like taking photos of them. So of course I'm also going to have a dedicated set. Here's the link to the Roads set

As I mentioned in the introduction: This is purely a self-promotion post. But I'm proud of my work and I take no shame in showing it off.

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