Early Adobe Stock review

Early Adobe Stock review

A quick heads-up: This review will just be focusing on the whole process of actually getting your photographs uploaded, tagged and submitted. I’m as of yet not advanced enough to talk of any earnings or anything else.

I’ve currently uploaded around about 100 photographs to Adobe Stock and the process so far has been quite enjoyable. I’d go as far as to say that Adobe Stock is the easiest site for uploading. Let me explain: First of all, they accept FTP uploads. These uploads are no bother at all and I’ve never had anything go wrong here. Once uploaded all your photos are stored and displayed online, but not yet submitted. The good thing about Adobe Stock is that they auto-populate all the fields for you; meaning that your title and keywords are all where they should be. All you end up having to do is rearrange the keywords (they’re alphabetically by default), choose the category and upload a release if needed. Once that is done, hit the submit button and wait for you photographs to be accepted and declined. In my experience so far, this has been quite a smooth and quick process and the reasons for declining anything are given in some detail.

One problem I’ve noticed so far is that many of my winter-themed photographs have been declined. The reason given? Too much noise and grain. The only problem there is that those images don’t have any noise - but what they do have is snow. Are they counting snow as grain? I have yet to find out.

As of writing this article I’ve not made any sales yet. I’m not sure if Adobe Stock is a much used service by now. I’m hoping that recent changes will lead to growth and can increase my chances in the future.

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