Creating a photography gallery using WP Show Posts in WordPress

It’s time to build what is quite possibly the most important part of a photography website: The gallery! This is where I’m going to be deviating from other guides you might have read or seen. I will not be using a tailor-made gallery plugin to accomplish my goal. I’ll be using plugins I know and trust. At the end of the day the photos need to be displayed in a nice way and because the site I’m working on is a portfolio site there won’t actually be too many of them.

The plugin I’m using is called WP Show Posts. And it’s mainly used for displaying posts anywhere on a WordPress website. I’ve used this plugin on numerous sites. Just a quick heads up, I will be using the paid version of the WP Show Posts plugin. What I’m doing here isn’t possible with the free version, please keep that in mind. The first thing you want to do is install the two plugins needed:

After that we can download the pro version of WP Show Posts and manually install that too.

We’re going to be using pods to create a custom post type. This actually isn’t necessary if you’d only be using the site for photos. But the pods do give us a better structure and if you were to add a blog to your site later on you’d still be able to do that without any problems.

You’ll find the option to enable the photo categories once you’ve created the appropriate taxonomy. See the next step on how to do that. Here’s the configuration of my Photos pod:

Because we’re going to want to categorise our photos we also need a new taxonomy. We can use this taxonomy to categorise our photos as landscapes or portraits etc. This taxonomy has been named photo categories and doesn’t have any special settings.

You’ll notice that in the left hand WordPress menu there’s now an option called Photos. It should have the same little icon as your posts. If we click on this you’ll see that our photo categories are also present. Before adding any photo I’m going to go into the categories and create some for the photos I want to showcase on my site. For me the categories will obviously be mainly related to nature and landscapes.

And finally we can start adding our photographs. Each photo will be uploaded individually and the photo itself is just the featured image. Set the categories on the right and you’re done. A photo can of course be in more than just a single category.

Only once I had all my photos uploaded I realized that the overview is pretty bare bones. How am I supposed to know which photo is behind each title? But fear not, there’s another free plugin that can give us a hand. This one goes by the name Admin Columns. Once installed I can go into the settings and select photos. Here I’m going to activate the featured image and photo categories:

Just take a look at what my overview looks like now. So much better!

So we’ve got our photos uploaded and we can finally start creating our galleries. To do that we’ll simply head over to WP Show Posts and add a new list. We’re going to give this list a fitting name, such as Gallery landscape. I put the gallery first so they all get grouped together if I sort alphabetically.

As this will be a gallery we don’t want it to display any posts but the photos we just uploaded. So under post type select photo and under taxonomy select photo category. We can then select which categories we want displayed. In this case it’ll be the landscapes. If you don’t select a taxonomy, all photos will be displayed. Here’s an example of one of my lists in WP Show Posts:

Next were going to adjust the individual settings:

Photo by Eric Park on Unsplash

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